NODA - A Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Multiplayer Online Game

NODA is a decentralized strategy multiplayer game offering a new way of playing and developing games using the blockchain technology. Players are embodying leaders of rising space corporations choosing their own way to expand and become powerful actors in the galaxy.

The core gameplay is a strategy and gestion game and every actions and transactions are verified by the blockchain which is enforcing the rules. Players are using a cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange and interacting in a trustless peer-to-peer network. Their choices will make the main storyline evolves like an interactive TV show as they can participate to elections and resolve global puzzles that will influence the course of the story.

The Noda network allows interstellar travel and communication to happen through portals. At the start of the first season half of the portals are malfunctioning and the Noda federation is calling for help to fix the network while investigating the origin of the issue. All the main factions are worried and the Noda is trying to restore order in a more and more chaotic and troubled political context.

Our goal is to design a fun and engaging game to help democratize the use of crypto-assets and services to the greatest number.

Game Features

  • Explore a vast galaxy and interact with the main factions.
  • Personalize your spaceships and their crews.
  • Build and manage your Space Stations to produce goods and offer services.
  • Mine, transport, and trade resources on markets.
  • Craft and customize weapons, ships and equipments.
  • Recruit and manage crew members.
  • Help other players by repairing, escorting or refueling their ships.
  • Work as a transporter or bounty hunter for others.
  • Participate in wars, elections and global events linked to the main storyline.
  • Accept missions offered by the main factions or other players.

To protect their activities players should prepare to fight against pirates or other leaders having conflicting interests. We designed the game to incentivize roleplay and strategic thinking and created game systems that will allow a player-driven economy to emerge.

We will progressively add features and content over the coming years while refining the gameplay and making sure the game and story stay interesting for the community. A contribution system will later allows developers, artists and writers to submit new content and ideas to the players community and be fairly rewarded when their proposition is included in the game. We are planning to release an alpha version of the game Q3 2018, register to our newsletter to have a chance to participate.

Our team is made of experienced and talented artists, developers and game designers from all over the world and we are all committed to our mission and eager to deliver an amazing game.